New home designs to suit the new normal

Posted on: Jul 27, 2021

Modern living is constantly evolving as home buyers’ needs change to reflect what’s happening around them. The pandemic and its repercussions have changed our world and, as a result, changed the way we use our homes. Having been forced to spend more time in our homes, we’ve found that flexibility, outdoor entertaining space and home offices are now more important than before.

Our Group Product and Design Director, Stuart Henderson, explains how this has influenced our newly designed range of homes.

Roslin V23

The design shift

While our homes were previously and predominantly places in which we could relax and unwind, for many during the pandemic, they have had to become offices and schools. Outdoor space for socialising is now also a priority. 

Having undertaken extensive customer research in 2019, our design team had started exploring ideas for a new range of homes. In 2020, lockdown brought a new perspective to the design process, changing our thinking and accelerating our design process.

The motive

We recognised that, as restrictions eased, many buyers would be looking for homes that catered to their very real and urgent demands for a better balance of living and working,

From our previous research, the team had already established what we wanted from our new home designs, this included; bigger living areas with a focus on spacious kitchens, family and dining areas, more generous master bedrooms with increased storage and improved layouts of en-suites, as well as better  relationship to  outdoor entertaining space.

The pandemic brought into sharp focus the need for these elements but added a greater demand for flexibility and connectivity so that families could better manage work and home life.

The core principles

Our new homes, known as the Villages range, have been designed from the ground up, with a focus on meeting the increasing demand for supremely functional yet simply beautiful homes. 

As with any new design, there are certain principles we outline to ensure the idea meets the intention. For the Villages we strived for simplicity, elegance, functionality, and generous space. Using these core principles, our designs have resulted in homes that are not only attractive, but a great place in which to live, play and work.

These strands, which now make up our DNA, are obvious in each home type, and alongside larger proportioned rooms, which offer for better living flexibility, there are also much larger windows offering better light and a greater sense of space.

The surroundings

In addition to being in our homes more, we’ve also been spending an increasing amount of time in our local areas. Feeling a real sense of community and a connection with the environment you live in is increasingly important and it’s something we’ve been working on for several years. It’s no longer just about building great homes, it’s about creating communities with well laid-out streets, landscaping and green spaces.

The team at Stewart Milne Homes has a passion for thriving communities.  Through our design standards of excellence, which have been developed alongside Architecture & Design Scotland, we have a framework approach to creating new communities. This is centred around building beautiful places, which are grounded in local heritage, that become great places to live.

Our relationships with our homes have always been important, they are our safe place, a place to make memories and a place to watch families grow but now, more than ever, they need to grow with us.

Our vision is to create unique homes that can adapt to our new way of living and will appeal to those who value quality, modern design but with an element of character.