Choosing your ideal job

At #TeamStewartMilne we're pleased to have a diverse range of specialisms across our business, and we know we'll have a role that's perfect for you.

In our offices

Departments you'll find across our five offices include Commercial, Construction, Customer Services, Design, Executive Team, Finance, Health and Safety, Human Resources, Information Technology, Land, Marketing, Planning, Procurement, Sales and Technical.

In our sites and factories

On our sites, you'll find Apprentice and Trade roles such as Electricians, Joiners, Painters, Plumbers, Scaffolders, and Store persons.  Site Managers and Assistant Site Managers oversee the day to day running of our Sites.

Factory Managers, Manufacturing & Logistics Managers and Supervisors oversee operations in our Factory, which continue day shift and back shift thanks to Operative Staff and Forklift Drivers.

A bit of both

We are all in it together, and as a result, the majority of colleagues across our business spend time working between offices, sites and factories. Collaborating and contributing to shared successes. Departments who are between locations weekly include Customer Services, Contracts, Health and Safety, Quality and Sales.