Building your career

At Stewart Milne Group, you get out of the business what you put in, and we pride ourselves in delivering everything you need to help you to become the best version of yourself professionally. We place great importance on learning and development, and there are many examples of people who have joined us as Apprentices and developed to a Senior Manager or Director level. 

We're proud to uphold our commitment to ensure we are on top of all legislative training while nurturing and rewarding employee talent and offering award-winning learning and development courses across the business. 

Training all the time

We facilitated 90 courses last year training 608 employees in development courses, 107 employees in job-specific training, 1159 in legislative training and 364 in mandatory training. It's a busy business with a busy L&D team. 

Essential and Technical Training

Job-specific training is in place for those who require it, and all colleagues are encouraged to attend our industry-renowned behavioural safety HSEQ course Choose Safe. Where employees learn that safety is part of what we do every day, it's our culture. 

Leadership Development Programmes

The business has invested over £250,000 in bringing out the best leadership and management skills for 155 managers and counting as part of our award-winning Managing People and Managing Business for Growth courses. The training has been designed to be, relevant, practical, fast-paced and encourages managers to think more strategically about how people affect the future growth of our business.

Encouraging Inclusivity

To encourage inclusivity, we provide a suite of essential people-focused learning and development courses that include, but are not limited to, diversity and respect, appraisal feedback, and having difficult conversations. 

Building your path

We encourage employees to take responsibility for their professional development and ask that they regularly review and suggest development course that supports their ambitions and the businesses growth.