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The Sigma® Home Shaping The Future

When it comes to creating an environmentally aware future for housing, the Stewart Milne Group is leading the way. We’ve embarked on a £1 million research and development journey towards creating low-zero carbon homes for mainstream sustainable development.

The Sigma® Home

Launched in 2007, our award winning Sigma® Home is a landmark on that journey. It’s the first home to gain a five star rating from the Government’s Code for Sustainable Homes and pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved.

Why are we committed to this plan? Because we believe climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing us all. Meeting this challenge in innovative ways benefits everyone – our industry, the environment and our customers.

Designed and developed to be a flexible, intelligent and modern space, Sigma® was created by combining skills from our entire Group and key suppliers in an effective supply chain. Our smarter build process cut construction from the standard 24 weeks to just ten weeks.

The pioneering project features a small terraced building ‘footprint’ and flexible open plan layouts, while the home’s external fabric maximises the Stewart Milne Timber System’s Generation 3 closed panel system.

Sigma® also makes extensive use of offsite technology and advanced build processes. A built-in rainwater collection and grey water recycling system reduces water consumption by half, from 160 litres to 80 litres a person a day. Lighting, hot water and space heating are provided by solar thermal, photovoltaic roof panels and roof mounted wind turbines, while superior insulation and air tightness reduces the home’s carbon footprint.

This provides a 100% improvement on carbon emissions, over the current building regulations.

Sigma®’s leading edge design is ideal for high-density urban plots and can evolve over time for varying ages and lifestyles. Arranged over four floors to maximise footprint and affordability, a split level, semi open plan format enables personal space, flexibility and communication throughout. With no load bearing walls, it can be arranged as a mix of three and four bedrooms. The ground floor can also be split off as an ideal first time buyer home or live/work space, while the upper floors create an ideal family home. It further benefits from Modern Methods of Construction – one of the most technologically advanced and sustainable forms of construction.

As part of our research and development programme, we are evaluating Sigma® in conjunction with Oxford Brookes University to monitor key aspects of its performance over a two year structured test programme.

This will monitor air tightness, air quality, thermal comfort levels and energy efficiency as well as Sigma®‘s performance as a home, with a full occupancy study monitoring family living and behaviours. This data will be invaluable in bringing proven, credible technologies to the mass market and in the development of the next generation of homes.

Sigma® Home: key facts

The first UK home to gain a five star rating from the Government’s Code for Sustainable Homes

Designed and developed for living

Warmer, cleaner and more sustainable

Innovative technology:
Grey water recycling reduces waste and consumption

Sustainable energy production, including solar panels, wind turbines and natural insulation, harness the power of nature to support cleaner living

Superior construction and management methods mean a better build for you and for the environment

Modern construction techniques and less waste means fewer emissions, reducing your carbon footprint

Download the Sigma® brochure

Download the Sigma® II Build System brochure