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Supporting our communities

Being part of the communities in which we operate is central to our company culture and ethos.

We aim to support and nurture them in providing safe, welcoming and enjoyable places to live, learn and work. As part of this, we contribute to many initiatives. These improve learning, standards of living and our local environment, and also provide opportunities for young people to grow and develop their potential.

Here’s a small sample of our involvement…



Protecting our Heritage

Historic buildings are a vital part of this nation’s heritage, and one particularly close to our heart.

Through funding and knowledge sharing, we support The Scottish National Skills Centre, set up to train individuals so our ability to restore and protect our buildings isn’t lost.

 Student Mentoring

Student Mentoring

We believe young people should have every opportunity to learn and develop skills so they can make the most of their lives.

We help students from the Aberdeen Business School, part of The Robert Gordon University, to understand business. Our mentoring programme gives them an opportunity to engage with our business and learn more about the business community before they begin their careers.

 Safe Drive Stay Alive

Safe Drive Stay Alive

This hard-hitting, award-winning scheme gives teenagers nearing driving age an insight into the impacts of reckless driving.

Every year around 5,000 pupils from Aberdeenshire take part.

The scheme’s won the Prince Michael of Kent International Road Safety Award, and is organised by the Aberdeenshire Community Safety Partnership.

We support the programme to ensure that as many teenagers as possible can participate.

 Active Kids

Active Kids 

We support Tennis Scotland in encouraging young players.

We support some of the most promising youngsters, as well as backing the Tennis Festival programme which encourages young people of all ages to get involved regardless of ability.

Our involvement raises the profile of tennis as a sport both competitively and as a leisure activity that encourages exercise and healthy living.


Protecting our Native Birds

We work in partnership with the RSPB, supporting their project to protect red kites and re-introduce the species into Scotland.

Once a regular feature in the Scottish landscape, this magnificent bird of prey had all but disappeared until this initiative. To date 22 red kites have been successfully re-introduced, with a further 30 planned for this year. The ultimate aim is a self-sustaining population.


Into Africa

This non-profit organisation, based in South Africa, helps abandoned, abused and HIV-infected babies.

As part of our support, we co-funded the building of a home for infants. The Home of Destiny includes a ‘house mom’ who provides a family environment for the children, along with the security and stability they need to flourish.

 Aberdeen FC Youth Development

Aberdeen FC Youth Development

As part of our support for young people developing all aspects of their lives, including sport, we work with the Youth Development Academy of Aberdeen Football Club to nurture young players for the future

 Street Football

Street Football

We work with local police to support street football. It’s a great way to encourage sport amongst all youngsters, and promote its health and leisure benefits.

Developing skills and giving them a chance to play at the highest level helps youngsters see opportunities for their future, and use their energy in a positive manner.

Maggies Cancer Centres
British Heart Foundation 

Maggie's is about empowering people to live with, through and beyond cancer by bringing together professional help, communities of support and building design to create exceptional centres for cancer care.

Maggie’s Centres are for anyone affected by cancer. They are places where people are welcome whenever they need us – from just being diagnosed, or undergoing treatment, to post-treatment, recurrence, end of life or in bereavement. 

We also welcome family and friends, as they are often deeply affected by cancer too. We know that those who love and look after someone with cancer can feel just as frightened, vulnerable and uncertain.

Our visitors tell us that the welcome they receive at Maggie’s is what they appreciate the most. Just walking through our doors puts them at ease. This is a key part of our pioneering approach that integrates professional help with a community of support in thoughtfully designed centres, a combination that is proving highly effective in alleviating the emotional distress and practical difficulties that cancer brings. Everything we provide is free of charge, so visitors can feel welcome to access our support for as long as they need it.